16. The company distributes the text of the collective agreement to its employees so that they are aware of their rights and obligations under the agreement. Section 109. Payments disabled. (1) Unless otherwise stated in a collective agreement, the disability benefits payable by workers in state-owned enterprises under this proclamation apply to the company`s insurance plan or pension law. (4) Unless otherwise stated in this labour proclamation or settlement or this collective agreement, the worker has, during the probation period, the same rights and obligations as a worker who terminated his probation. 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1 of this section, additional annual leave with remuneration for workers who work in a particularly laborious manner or the state in which it is carried out may be fixed in a collective agreement. (4) Unless otherwise stated in the collective agreement, a worker is entitled to sick leave upon presentation of a valid medical certificate. 3) “labour dispute”: any controversy between a worker and an employer or union and an employer regarding the application of the law, the collective agreement, employment contracts, employment contracts or customary rules, as well as any disagreement that arises during collective bargaining or as part of a collective agreement; (2) to pay the employee wages and other emoluments in accordance with this proclamation or collective agreement; Section 59. Wage deduction. 1. The employer may not deduct, annex or place the worker`s wages unless it is not provided for by law, collective agreements, labour law, or in accordance with a court order or a written agreement of the worker.

3. Only EU leaders who are entitled to do so under the internal rules of the Union can, on the workers` side, participate in and participate in collective bargaining for a collective agreement. These rights include protecting women workers from gender-based violence and sexual harassment. Improved negotiation, conciliation, conciliation and arbitration procedures have been identified as the key to improving collective bargaining and protecting workers` interests. The unions agreed to cooperate on tactics such as improving enterprise-level negotiations through training. The centralized negotiations, which have enabled LATWU to sign collective agreements in the apparel, textile and leather sectors, are also under further scrutiny. Section 82- Union Leave. Trade union leaders have the right to travel with remuneration to present cases of labour disputes, collective bargaining, trade union meetings, seminars or training. The method of granting such leave can be defined in a collective agreement.

“We are ready to help our IFTLGWU comrades,” said Andre Kriel, SACTWU Secretary General. “You can learn from our strategic union approach, which recognizes collective bargaining, job creation, member service and membership growth as important activities for the union.” Section 25. Termination by convention. 1. The parties may terminate their employment contract by agreement, provided that the worker`s renunciation of one of his legal rights has no legal value.