This word is also translated into other verses such as: agreed to meet (1), appointed (3), assemble (3), assembled (3), assigned (1), designated (1), collect (1), collected (3), take a date (2), take (7), (1), sentence (1), summons (3). It therefore seems dangerous to compel them to enter into a single unconditional agreement. I`ve always had a passion for weddings. Because God honors marriage, we too should honor marriage. Marriage is not to be taken lightly. This is a serious matter! When two people gather and take marriage vows before the Lord and before a people, a life alliance is immediately concluded until death separates them. This means that both parties agree that no matter what happens to attack or penetrate their marriage, or how good or angry things are, they will continue in this covenant until death separates them. Realistically, this will not be the case in most cases. For some, when it gets difficult, they call it easily finished. But for parties who are willing to have a successful marriage, there are certain things you need to include. One thing is that they have to find a way to walk together. The Bible says in Amos 3:3; “How can the two walk together, except that they have agreed?” This letter answers a question. It is said that two people must agree to walk together and succeed together.

Well, how are we two separate individuals who have two separate heads with two separate thoughts and two ideas? I`m glad you asked. From a Christian point of view; We know that God must be the foundation of everyone`s life. Without the faith and erection of Christ, marriage is lost before it begins. One of the most powerful ways to ensure that both go into agreement is to record the TOGETHER prayer time. Having individual time with God is great. The two, however, must come together, for their prayers will be in the same harmony. You must know that two are better than one (eccl. 4:9) and with Christ you can overcome all obstacles and attacks against your marriage (Eccl. 4:12″a triple cord is not easy to break”). If they allow God to be involved in your marriage, he will help you go into agreement. Matthew 18:19 tells us: If the two of you on earth agree that they will touch something they will ask for, then it will happen to them.

Divine support and protection [What should we say about these things?] If God is for us, who can be against us? D passions of joy or sadness, admiration or gratitude, are moderated when we are able to find words that fully describe their emotions. If they go up very high, the tongue is too weak to express it; and the person is either lost in silence, or feels something that, after his most laborious efforts, is too great for words. We can often observe the Apostle Paul under this difficulty when we try to … 2 He revealed the Father to the people whom God had given him, and he protected and guarded them. No one was lost except Judas, the traitor, so that Scripture could be fulfilled. He brought her into the love of the Father and the Son. The world will watch you as believers and members of a new Baptist conference. What are they going to think of you? Like another group of fundamentalists? Like a group that gathers to congratulate itself and write Christians outside the herd? Or will they be amazed at the love you have for each other and for other Christians and for the lost? Will you notice that you are looking for selflessness to carry the burdens of the other and even to make great sacrifices? Will they be surprised at how much you glorify yourself and the rest of the Church? How do they pay tribute to others, do they make them more beautiful? How much do you serve each other and the depth of your love for each other? If so, you have a community that reflects the Trinity, God himself, the Father, the Son and the Spirit.