(a) provide accurate and accurate information. b) to finance the amount accepted to the borrower. (c) maintain a sufficient balance in the bank`s account for the payment of a co-payment of the borrower`s loan amount. (d) the correct completion of all the conditions of imequability provided for in this loan agreement. (e) Lenders undertake to compensate and oppose any claim, action, liability, cost, loss, damages incurred by i-lend in violation of the terms of use as well as laws, rules and regulations or agreements from time to time in force. 4. If the lender sends the borrower notification of the repair of the margin on the securities (in this Fall_____% and the borrower refuses and/or fails to obtain the margin within the time frame set in the notice of contract, the borrower is considered an obligatory delay of the terms of this agreement and, in this case, it is legal (but not mandatory) for the lender to require the borrower to repay the loan at the same time as the interest then unpaid, and the borrower is required to repay the loan in full, accompanied by interest, without objection and/or insanity. a) All disputes or differences between the parties to the agreement resulting from that agreement. , are, as far as possible, settled amicably by consultation between the parties. b) Any dispute that could not be resolved by the parties by amicable settlement (as stipulated in the above clause) is definitively settled by the competent court for the granting of the same court. Jurisdiction – Hyderabad, AP c) This agreement and the agreements envisaged in it are governed by and interpreted by the laws of India, without applying the principles of the law conflict law in this agreement. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties signed this agreement on the date and place above, accepting all of the above conditions.

B) a person who, in both cases, has arrived in India or is in India, other than: (B.1) for a job in India or (B.2) for the exercise of an activity or vocation in India or (B.3) for other purposes, under circumstances that would indicate his intention to remain in India for an uncertain period; (h) “person”: one person;