Without prejudice to what is stated, the borrower expressly agrees and confirms that if the borrower does not pay the outstanding loan or other loan facility, whether a borrower, guarantor or otherwise, in addition to a general or similar pledge right to which the bank or one of its subsidiaries/related companies may legally be entitled: The bank, without prejudice to its specific rights arising from other agreements with the borrower, is free, at its sole discretion and without prior notice of the borrower, to dispose of other funds or amounts held by the borrower in an account (including the fixed deposit account) of the borrower (including fixed deposits) of the borrower (neither with any other) or any of its subsidiaries/related companies , in or against the payment of funds due by the borrower, to apply. The Bank`s rights under this agreement are in addition to other rights and remedies (including, but not limited, other rights or compensations) that the Bank may have under existing legislation or in some other way. While the list of home credit documents listed here is complete, we may need additional home loan documents to process your application. You can pay the full amount of the loan`s outstanding loan during your loan if you receive excess funds. If this is the case, you can use the Bank`s foreclosure or advance facility. To qualify for this option, you must pay an execution or advance fee equal to 5% of the total outstanding. Approval and Payment – If the reports are satisfactory after verification, your loan will be approved and credited to the same bank account for which the statement of account was provided. A representative of IDFC FIRST Home Loan bank will contact you to check your data and arrange a personal interview with you. Once your home credit application and property have been verified at the same time as the correct deposit of the required documents, we will deposit the loan amount into your bank account and you will be closer to the property of your dream home. Suppose Akash Verma, a 30-year-old interior designer, is looking for a personal loan from Rs.2 lakh to renovate his home.

He applied for the same amount of loan from IDFC First Bank and, shortly after reviewing his eligibility, the lender agreed to offer the loan at an interest rate of 14% per year for a period of five years. You can easily find your EMI amount using our EMI personal credit calculator. Just enter details of the amount of your loan, the interest rate on private loans and click the “Calculate” button and we`ll notify you immediately of your EMI amount. I have always dreamed of providing the best accommodation for my family. But it was almost impossible to buy a house. My friend told me about IDFC FIRST Bank. The staff were very helpful and after making the necessary documents available and completing the audit, I was allowed to get a home loan.