While a valid contract, which creates legal obligations that can be performed by a court, exists from the moment you receive payment for the provision of a service, an oral contract relies on memory and interpretation and can always be challenged. Put it in writing so that the terms are clearly understood. 1.4 {In a working painting} the horse is no more than …….. daily hours and must not exceed ……….. Kg. When an animal is covered by mortality or non-use insurance, the owner must mention this in the painting contract. This painting agreement between Livery Yard and Horse Owner can be used when a Livery Yard welcomes a horse for a private (non-commercial) horse owner. The type of paint, the weekly price and the type of billing, and you must mention here all the extras that are not outside the daily contractual conditions A waiver of liability should be included in which the owner of the horse agrees to waive the responsibility of the farm in case of bodily injury or injury to the horse. (This would not protect the owner of the paint farm from a right to negligence.) Without a written contract, problems arise. At least you may have an unhappy customer – in the worst case, you could face an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit! 6.1 No modification of the contractual conditions is valid or binding, unless it is made by prior written agreement between the shipyard and the owner. Each owner of the barn must publish a copy of his rules and his right to deposit animals and effects in a striking place in the barns. Termination or termination of the required contract The document establishes a contract between the Livery Yard Owner and the Horse Owner and contains provisions regarding payment, the responsibilities of each party and how the contract can be terminated.

3. Working paint – In addition to the full duration of painting, it is also necessary to define the conditions under which a horse can work: details about the services contained in the painting fee….