Good communication between our providers and planning administrators is the key to providing quality healthcare to our members. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for any question. At Aetna Better Health of Louisiana, we value our supplier partners. We want to work with you to provide our members with timely, safe and effective health care. We will publish information for our suppliers that may be useful. The Louisiana Medicaid program covers non-governmental emergency services made available to beneficiaries entitled to Louisiana Medicaid who are not in the state when an emergency occurs as a result of an accident or illness, if the recipient`s health is threatened, if the recipient is traveling back to Louisiana, or if the recipient`s health is threatened. if medical care is postponed until the recipient returns to Louisiana. For reimbursement, the provider must register as an out-of-state Louisiana Medicaid provider and comply with the submission of claims in a timely manner. The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is seeking help from providers to encourage their Medicaid patients to keep their case information (address, finances, and employment) informed to ensure its validity. Note of the requirement for fingerprint-based criminal background checks (FCBC) at high-risk Medicaid providers If you prefer, To fax this form, you can fax to 1-866-776-2813 Presumption: Case Management A person can also qualify for Medicaid coverage if he or she: Filling out the pregnancy notification form as soon as possible allows us to make the best use of our members, to achieve a healthy pregnancy result….