The APEC Engineer Registry allows professional engineers in the APEC region to benefit from cross-border mobility and thus recognize important engineering standards in these countries. For more information on how to become chartered via the MRA Trail, please see: Chartered Professional Engineers of Engineers Australia will be automatically included in the APEC Engineers Register as soon as they meet the following criteria: Discover Global Recognition and First Class Engineering Networks. Engineers Australia also hosts the World Federation of Engineering Organizations of the Convention of Global Engineers in 2019 (WEC2019). Dr Kanga has launched the bid to host the event in Melbourne in November 2019. This will be an important event for the learned society for engineers Australia during its 100th anniversary. The event will include the WFEO General Assembly, which will bring engineers from around the world to Melbourne. For more information, see agreement on competency standards for practicing engineers: Among the most recent publications, produced and managed by members, are: Global Reach: Supporting the professional mobility of Australian Engineers, Water and Australian Cities: review of urban reform, and Australia!| s Energy Future: Australian energy policy and climate change. Learn more about representation. All applicants for a registration or professional preparation licence under a comprehensive professional-level mobility agreement must have satisfactory engineering or geoscience experience in a Canadian environment for one year. Develop your professional reputation and know-how by joining 5,000 other members who take on office and volunteer tasks each year.

Local and national groups engage in lobbying and strengthen the profile of engineers, facilitate professional connections, learning opportunities and increase engagement in engineering activities. Please note that the agreement may not apply to persons who have obtained the qualification or license with their original association through a mutual recognition agreement by third parties. The World Association of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) was founded in 1968 in Paris under the aegis of UNESCO. It is an international non-governmental organization that brings together national engineering organizations from more than 90 countries and represents about 8,000,000 engineers from around the world. EA`s relationship with developing countries (particularly because of our situation in the Asia-Pacific region) has also enabled us to give something back to the profession by helping these countries become signatories to various multilateral agreements.