Pet owners may have difficulty finding rental housing that allows pets. Unfortunately, the inability to find “pet-friendly” housing is one of the common reasons pets are transferred to shelters. Fortunately, there are steps that pet owners can take to help find suitable shelters, including their pets. Here are some tips and thoughts on finding accommodation for you and your furry or plumage friend. The Alberta Residential Tenancies Act does not mention any pets. It is up to the tenant to determine if the animals are allowed in the rented apartment and to ensure that this information is included in the rental agreement. Once you have found your apartment, you will remain a responsible pet owner. Keep your pet neat and on a leash every time it is outside. Take your pet and sometimes neighbors ask if they hear the sound of your pet when you`re not home. If that`s the reason, your pet may be bored or afraid to part. See if you can adjust your schedule to go home during the day, or if you plan to have someone check your pet while you`re traveling. If you have consideration for your neighbors, you will have a much better chance of enjoying a happy and long rental time.

If the building allows pets, you can usually let pets into the balcony or terrace, unless they disturb others. If there is a restriction in your rental agreement that prohibits it, you must comply. If the owner has a pet policy, this is part of your rental agreement. If you violate this rule with any type of pet, you can be evicted. Can landlords include a “No Pets” clause in the Alberta lease? If pets are allowed in the accommodation for rent, the owner may collect pet fees. The fees must be reasonable and the lessor should be able to provide the tenant with the reasons for collecting the tax. For example, if the pet passes through the common areas, additional carpet cleaning may be necessary. As a tenant, you may have who you also wish to visit, but you will be held accountable for their actions. You can also give additional keys to people, but you must hand over all the original and double keys when you terminate your contract. Yes, yes. In Alberta, homeowners may decide whether or not to allow pets in their rental properties. If an owner does not allow pets or accept pets, pets are not allowed in the facility.