If the spouses have not signed a notarial or post-operative contract, they are subject to the legal matrimonial law system of the acquired benefits community. For many people, marital agreements are usually linked to celebrities. But these legal agreements do not apply only to wealthy individuals and should at least be considered by all married couples, and soon married couples. The marital agreement is a legal response to the modern realities of marriage, namely that both partners, unlike the more traditional form of marriage, can work and earn money. Marriage contracts are designed to ensure that in the event of divorce, couples do not experience unexpected surprises in the division of their property. The best time to create a marital arrangement is when the marriage/relationship becomes strong and the idea of using it is far from your mind. The hope, of course, is that a successful marriage will continue for a long time. Therefore, the matrimonial agreement must be considered a precautionary measure. A marital agreement is important to protect a person`s property and interests in the event of a divorce. This does not mean that both parties or one party involved are rich, but simply that they want to protect what they have worked hard for. In addition, our company appreciates the value of communication and that is why we can offer our services in a number of languages such as English, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Portuguese, as well as German.

Our lawyers provide full support to break the law, communicate problems intelligibly and provide excellent support both inside and outside. If you are looking for help with marriage contracts or other legal matters, please contact Schlun-Elseven for contact information for this article. Marriage contracts are regulated by law under section 1408 of the BGB. It is specified that the agreement can be signed before the wedding or during the marriage. Although no defined model is provided, since the content of the marriage contracts is individual, the BGB stipulates that the agreement must be signed in the presence of a notary in order for it to be considered legally binding. As was said later, not all marriage proceedings – even signed by both parties – will be legally binding in the courts. The use of counsel in the development of a marriage agreement is not necessary, but is recommended to ensure that what is described in the contract is what the parties have agreed. In addition, a conjugal agreement, ambiguity, inherent unfairness and vagueness in various areas can be challenged in court.