2.1 Subject to the conditions agreed herein by the assignors as the rightful owner of the transferred equipment, to transfer to the transferee and the transferee agrees to acquire from the transferor all the devices transferred freely and without any charge. 4.1.1 provide the transferee with a duly executed deed of transfer, or a similar act and/or permit (if necessary) in a form and content satisfactory to the transferee with respect to the transferred equipment and ashamed that ownership of the transferred equipment has been lawfully transferred to the transferee; `transferred equipment` means equipment listed in Annex 21 that is legally owned by the distributor. 10.3 All disputes arising out of and relating to this Agreement shall be settled through consultations between the Parties and, if no agreement can be reached on such dispute within thirty (30) days of their occurrence, such dispute shall be submitted to the Shanghai Sub-Commission of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for Mediation in Shanghai, in accordance with the arbitration rules. and the arbitral award is final and binding on the parties. The parties agree that the consideration to be paid by the purchaser in connection with the acquisition of all equipment transferred by the transferor, under the conditions set out in the conditions set out in this Regulation, is the minimum price (the “transfer price”) which is then permitted by the law of the PRC. Subject to mutual agreement, the parties may, at the time of conclusion, adjust the final amount of the transfer price on the basis of the actual conditions of the transferred equipment. 4.3 Ownership of the transferred equipment is transferred from the assignor to the assignee on the balance date, but if the law requires that the transfer of ownership depends on the completion of the modification registration or that other conditions be set, ownership of such transferred equipment is transferred until the completion of the corresponding modification registration and compliance with the legal conditions. 2.5 There is no agreement or understanding limiting or affecting the transactions provided for in this Agreement or the ownership of the Transferee and the rights of use and sale of the transferred Equipment. 2.1 The assignor has good marketable ownership of all transferred equipment and all transferred equipment is free and free from any charge, third party rights, payments made under a lease or leasing agreement, a contract for the sale of credit or a contract for the renewal or sale of documents or any other right that is identical or similar to the law required by a person. All transferred devices are in the possession or control of the transferor. 10.7 The headings contained therein are for reference only and may in no way be used or assigned to the interpretation of the provisions of this Agreement. 1.2 References to a law of the PRC shall be considered to be “financial statements”, the conclusion of the sale and purchase of the equipment transferred in accordance with Article 4 of this Agreement. `Transfer pricing` means the meaning defined in Article 3.

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