5. In OU1, we reviewed and tried to approve the approved GBPA. But she doesn`t approve. Let me tell you my problem. I try to create a flat-rate sales contract, but in a global way. I mean, I`m crossing the overall option. When I`m done with this, I agree with the order and I`ll get a PO-ID. Then I try to create a post from the previous blanket command. If I enter the PO IDENTIFIANT I received previously, the system gives me an error (Invalid PO_NUM).

If junior buyers can authorize sharing (not other types of documents) based on the authorization criteria you have outlined in the Document Defining the Authorization Authorization Rules, please configure the control allocations for this position as follows: I don`t know what I`m doing wrong or I have to set up anything for the system to work with a comprehensive framework contract. If no authorization group is assigned to a particular type of document for a particular position, staff members assigned to that operation or position cannot approve supporting documents of this type. MRO buyers should be able to approve each type of document for up to $10,000 in MRO category. Insert authorization allocations as follows: You don`t create a share for a global purchase contract. Instead, create an order (default) for the same credit and item pointer, and you can see that the overall EPS is referred to in this document. There are some very good documents on metalink. The main differences between the order approval processes and the main requirement (more importantly for orders and the other for requirements) are: If the “Create Order Receipts” workflow creates proof of unlocking a “local” framework contract from an approved requirement, this workflow creates a standard command. The overall EPS was designed for multiple operating units to share negotiated prices, but even in individual OR facilities, suppliers prefer a single PO number (instead of the same BPA number – Release Doc). We also found that AP had fewer errors in the overlapping of invoices.

If you don`t set up the timeout function, there won`t be time for the permission workflow. She`s just waiting for a response from this approver. We have completed the following configurations in R12.2.7 to approve the GBPA. 4. Create THE GBPA and try to approve or 1. It was approved for revision 0. But do not approve in OU2. If I do a contract to buy a contract without the globlal option being activated, I do not have that kind of problem. If you want to specify the authorization allocations for the purchase service that define the authorization rules in the document (see: Definition of Authorization Authorization Rules), you can start with the “Senior Buyer” position.

Assuming that senior buyers are able to approve all types of supporting documents, you can configure the control assignments as follows: The workflow process for the change order uses the same reapproval rules as those already defined at the time of purchase to determine whether a document should be re-approved. Different re-authorization rules are used depending on the crossing points: standard order, planned order, framework purchase contract, contract purchase contract, framework authorization and scheduling authorization. See: Document reauthorization rules. You can use the workflow generator to change percentage tolerances. Some of the renewal rules used by the workflow determine the percentage change in a unit price, quantity or amount of supporting documents that requires new authorization. The workflow presents these percentage tolerances as attributes that you can change. You can change z.B. the value of a single price tolerance attribute of 0 to the unit price tolerance of 20. This means that if the unit price is increased or reduced by less than 20 percent, the document is automatically approved by the change workflow.

1. Authorization hierarchies are disabled in Finance Use.